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Mulmur is a township in Dufferin County comprised of a number of original settlements such as Mulmur Corners, Rosemont and Stanton and today has many villages and hamlets including Black Bank, Earnscliff, Happy Valley, Hipson’s Corners, Honeywood, Kilgorie, Mansfield, Perm, Ponton Mills, Randwick, Rookery Creek, Ruskview, Slabtown, Stanton, Terra Nova and Whitfield.


In 1823-1825 the first survey and settlement occurred around the village of Stanton, several members of the Gallaugher family settled at Mansfield. In 1851 Mulmur was incorporated and by 1871 the population was 3505.Mulmur celebrated its 150th birthday in 2001 and while the town has changed considerably over the years, its still comprised of agricultural farms and now the perfect location for weekend country retreats.

Fun Fact

Legendary outlaw Jesse James was said to have buried $4 million dollars worth of gold in the hills of Mulmur while staying with family on the 10th Sideroad in Mulmur in 1870.

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