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Tip Tuesday: Declutter Your Home Image

Tip Tuesday: Declutter your Home

One of the biggest reasons people purchase a home is for more space. Buyers want more space, they're looking for a home they can grow with and when they view your home and every nook-and-cranny is packed full, it turns off the buyers. Because if there's not enough room for you, there won't be enough room for them!

Here are a few tips to help declutter your home and get it sold fast!

1. Closets: Are your closets jam-packed and not organized? Buyers will open every closet to see how big the space is - help them to envision their clothes hanging thereby making space. Take out clothes that aren't in season and you won't be wearing, organize everything else so it's neat and tidy. Use decorative boxes or bins to tuck away small items and make sure there's lots of room so buyers can see the space!

2. Counter Tops: Removed countertop appliances such as your toaster and mixers, don't leave your toothbrush on the bathroom countertop, tuck-away everything for a clean streamlined look. Accents can be a great touch here -- consider a bowl of fruit, a fancy soap, some fresh cut flowers... just keep it minimal.

3. Too Much Furniture: Each room should flow and there should be a clearly defined path through each room. Remove bulky furniture and items that make the room feel smaller, avoid keeping too much on the floor, and make sure every door can swing open without bumping into anything.

4. Garage: It's not hard for your garage to become a bit of a dumping ground for items such as seasonal decorations and other items you don't have space for inside your home. Pack up anything you aren't using and label storage containers for an organized look. Shelves are a great way to keep everything off the floor and to reduce clutter.

5. Catch-All Rooms: Is your guest bedroom also an office and a craft room and a space to store extra clothes? Each room should have one defined use. If it's a bedroom, use it as a bedroom and remove all other clutter.

6. Other Tips: Keep office supplies neat and tidy and put away as much as you can. Have kids pack away any toys they aren't using right now and keep their space tidy and organized. Does your dog have 15 different toys (I know mine does)? Put away dog toys before each showing.

7. Not Enough Room: Consider renting a storage unit for a month or two, this way you can pack away anything you need and not have to worry about where to put it.